Monday, March 28, 2011

Zeke's 6th Birthday Party

Birthdays seem to be extended sometimes in our house - aren't the children lucky! They have dinner at their Grandparents and are lovingly spoilt each time (in a good way), the have their Birthday Celebration at school (which is amazing, especially the Kindergarten... best bring the tissues if you're the teary type!), and they have a party with their mates.

So here's Zeke's this year as he turned the big SIX!

The table overall - food, bunting... The cake bunting is a cut down hand made version, from the main bunting that you can see around the table. It comes in a pad form so you can do what you like with it, add extras in or omit a pattern you don't want to include. Last time I used this bunting it was easily removed, stored, and then able to be used again.

Fruit stand, Popcorn in 'retro' bags (at least there's slightly less 'secondhand' popcorn than in a large bowl lol)...

carrot cupcakes in my favourite baking cups with little toppers (made using cutouts from the invitations, some of the same scrap paper I already had)

biscuits ('crackers') n cheese, cherry toms and cucumber, fruit kebabs, gingerbread, shortbread. I forgot all about making pizzas, and did have corn chips and salsa ready to go but then it dawned on me the table space is limited!

Cake. Vanilla frosting outer, chocolate cake bottom layer and vanilla cake top layer - my 'standard', just no ready-roll on this one and very simple. As much as I really enjoy doing the other style of cakes, sometimes simple really is great.

The number six cake topper is a biscuit with a (very) carefully inserted skewer (not to self, decide this is something I want to do BEFORE I cook the biscuits and put the skewer in then (do I need to wet it first so it doesn't burn in the oven?).

Paper Eskimo candles. The flag is made from the bunting like I did before, and the little ball topper is a ball cut out from the invitations + some scrap booking paper I already had. I really really like that the invitations are Printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper with vegetable based inks.

Biscuits - 'Fly Away', 'Sail Away', 'Sweet Six' that were all laid out lovely and straight when we left the house lol

and 'Fun Fruit Kebabs' for the paddlepop-stick fruit kebabs, with some fruit cut into stars. Our little cake decorating shop has some cutters, and the others I have found online. We're growing our collection and it's fun to make and decorate with the children in the holidays, or 'theme' a gift of biscuits.

Party bags, blue and red with simple little tags. Note to self it's been two parties now that I cannot find the stapler. Sort it!
Decided to do something a little different and included one of these in the bags.

I had a hard time finding these in Aus, or anything like them. So while the shipping costs were a little... challenging, the appeal of the items themselves, plus that the other items in the party bag were hand made, it kind of worked out. I found the idea at One Charming Party, which led me to the 'where to buy' - Maple Landmark in the US.

Anyway, think it's time to change-up the style for the next birthday party! Better get workin' on some ideas. I'd love to share some of the pics of the grins!

At the end of the day, I think the kids all enjoyed themselves and that's what the idea of having the party is all about - celebrating and having a good time with your mates. Happy Birthday(s) Zeke! xo


Niki said...

That all looks amazing. You do the best parties Kristy.
Your kids are so lucky.
Hows OpJune going?
I am cleaning & sorting challenged at the moment & am meant to be on a Tech break but have allowed myself 1/2 hour a day when the kids aren't home.

carly said...

Looks like the party was a hit I have seen little cars like the ones you up in the gift bags on this blog just thought id mention as he is in Australia. I found his blog through aussieslivingsimply he makes lots of interesting things.

Ashley said...

Everything is so cute! Great job!

Megan said...

Looks awesome. Thanks for the inspiration, you did an excellent job. I am going to try the mini bunting around our next birthday cake and try some of the toppers from paper already have too.

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