Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cakes, cakes, cakes

Here's some of the cakes I've made before. They're all here if you want to see bigger pics. There are others there but these were some of the ones I was happiest with. I also need to do some editing as some of the pics are a little dark... but anyhoo :)

I really have fun making them so it's as much a hobby as anything else I suppose, and I LOVE seeing the kid's faces... I remember when my Mum made our Birthday cakes and it was SUCH an awesome feeling to know it was made just for you on your birthday - and just as much fun guessing which one from the book (I think Mum had the Women's Weekly Birthday Cakes book) it might be!

Full details on how/what I use are here. It's like play-dough for adults *wink* I've also updated posts so that you can click on the 'cakes' link thingy in the index on the right hand side (scroll down) as there's a few other cakes there that I haven't added to the main cake page.

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