Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jake's Celebration - 'cake' for school

This is the usual types of cakes I do and here... but for something different, this time I went with the 'all fruit cake'... I've done one of these 'fruit' cakes before... and it was good fun :) I decided to do the 'fruit cake' for Jake's 9th Birthday Celebration at school - they've had a lot of Celebrations the past few weeks so thought I'd do something different for Jake and his classmates. His face said he was rapt with it when he came in from outside this morning and from the exclamations as I walked it down the verandah to the fridge, he wasn't the only one! I don't think it's fancy, just different.

Not a hard cake - one melon top and tailed, stand on end. 'Carve' down the sides and turn and carve until you get the shape you want. Add fruit in whatever way you like and done. I forgot the edible glitter and the mulberries off the tree (and sorry Ma, but we had eaten already all the mango you sent!)...

Cutters are from 'House' in Morley - they are tiny and will be great for cutting out icing shapes for other cakes where usually it's fiddly.

They're not as small as the spring loaded cutters used for teeny stars and star fish from Cake Tins N Thingz, but they're still smaller than your average star cutter. The cutter on the top is the crocodile (for my reptile-loving Son!) from Sweet Themes.

Also we usually do fruit kebabs on paddlepop sticks as part of the table for Birthday Parties, so I think I'll add some star shapes to them this year... Quinn enjoyed leftover rockmelon stars with his breakfast and a few were snagged for lunchboxes. It might be an idea I'll keep - pop some cool star fruit shapes in lunchboxes here and there... the 'leftover' fruit (the bits that don't get cut out) will not go to waste between fruit-bat-children and I, and at the very least once everything edible has been scoffed, then the chooks and worm farm.

The idea started with thinking about melon balls lol and went from there... Planning in the works for Jake's party next week... looking forward to it!


Niki said...

Kristy, you always do the most amazing cakes. This is a winner. Great for the summer birthdays.
My kids are the same with fruit, then off to the worm farm & compost.
Such little things, that make a big difference.


Kristy said...

Thanks Niki! :) I have to say it's an easy enough cake to make, and very yummy lol

I'll have to pick your brain on your compost one time...

Office Catering Sydney said...

Simple but beautiful.

Ashley najmowski said...

How did you secure the different fruits to the melon?

Kristy said...

Hi Ashley

Fruit is secured to the cake using toothpicks. We happened to have the toothpicks that are only pointy on one end and flat on the other end. But any kind will do.

If you want to do layers and need more securing, you can use skewers.

For smaller guests (children), it's easy to take the toothpicks out as you cut and serve the 'cake'.
Hope that helps :)

The Cake Flake said...

I made a version of your cake on my blog and linked back too this page. Thank you so much.

Kristy said...

I like! thanks for linking back and what a great idea for a step by step tutorial :)

I like the spiral round the bottom of yours, Cake Flake, and the rockmelon rose on the top :)

S2K said...

How many people does this serve? Or do you just bring fruit skewers and not cut the cake?

Kristy said...

Hi there S2K

The cake serves as many as you like depending on (a) how big your watermelon is and (b) how generous your slices are.

yes, we absolutely cut the cake :)

S2K said...

Where did you get your cutter set? I looked all over online but couldn't find one like it, super cute!

My son is super excited by this idea for his bday at the end of march, now I just need to find a watermelon (not many around Michigan in the winter!).

Kristy said...

Hi again :)

The cutter set was at the little local cake decorating/making specialty shop... that's about all I know about it, sorry.

Good luck finding a watermelon... you could use different fruits I guess or if you can find a smaller fruit, you could do a cupcake version (ie smaller something, cut to fit cupcake/baking cups, and then decorated on top?).

Good luck and would love to see what you end up making :)

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