Monday, March 26, 2012

Cake-less cake. Fruit cake #3

For Zeke for his birthday celebration at school today.

This time I did some little 'insets' in the 'cake'. First, push a biscuit cutter into the 'cake' (melon) and using a pointy knife, remove the shape ie star by cutting/picking, then

cut a star from a contrasting fruit (rockmelon, here) and insert it in the star shaped void you just made. No eggs, no wheat, no yeast no nuts no... you get the idea.

Previously: 'cake' #1 and 'cake' #2.

the cake is pretty simple actually. Take one oblong watermelon. Slice each end off (the melon, not your fingers!) with a sharp knife.

Then stand the melon on one end and cut down the sides of the melon removing the peel and the white as you go. Bit by bit and turn the plate so you take a little off then turn, then a bit more, then turn etc. Aim for an octogon or something first, then take off the 'corners'...
That's it really. Add your fruit decoration and be as artistic or as simple or as rustic as you like! Can take anywhere between 15-30mins so not that long at all really when you consider baking a 'real' cake.

so make, take pics, then enjoy! PS if you do make one I'd love to see what you've come up with so feel free to post a link and say 'hey, here's mine!'.

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Lola Jones said...

Love this fruit cake

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