Sunday, February 06, 2011

Quinn's 2nd Birthday - cake bunting/flags and toppers

Just like last time, I used the bunting that you can buy for hanging, to make the bunting for the cake stand. I kept the template I used in November, since it turned out to be the size I was hoping, and used that. I cut down the flag bunting as well as using part of the invitations that were left over, to add a little more 'red' and the 'choo choo' theme to the cake stand.

Clean forgot to see what ribbon I had beforehand so made do with what I had [could find!].

Same idea was used to make some simple cupcake toppers, and toppers for the cake to go with the candles using a combination of offcuts from the invites, scrap card, print from the computer for words and letters, and the bunting flags. I do have a nice scallop punch but not a circle one... so I just used a round thingo from the cupboard to trace the circle and cut it out. Not fancy but it works.

Also, it helps if your tracing 'thingo' is clear, then you can easily position it so the circle is centred over the words you're using. The cupcakes are simple banana cake with vanilla frosting, and sugar topped shortbread stars on top of that. Banana cupcakes were baked several days beforehand, frozeplain (no icing etc) and just assembled them on the morning - icing + star and topper here and there. Anything that you can prepare ahead of time (while still maintaining freshness etc) is well worth doing.

In terms of 'overal', even though the baking cups are from one range, the bunting from another, the candles from another again (Spotlight) and the invitations from another again, they still manage to essentially coordinate together, which is nice! While I'm on that, I do like the Paper Eskimo Baking Cups. The cake comes out of them easily and the colours come out of the oven the same as they went in - not all do. Some baking cups fade or go 'greasy/clear' and then you either have them like that or some people put them in yet another baking cup so they look nicer. The Paper Eskimo ones just come out like they went in - which is great to know if you're trying to choose from the massive amount of 'stuff' out there!

next up, very simple party bags for two-year-olds, 'two-toot' and 'toot-toot' biscuits, star focaccia and [mental blank].

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Niki said...

Girl, you got some skills on you.
Love it.


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