Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jake's 9th Birthday - Jake's Cake - (pt3)

Following on from the cupcake & eats post... here's Jake's cake. Snake on request from the Birthday Boy. Snake-maker not so pleased with it, recipient was so that's what matters! Cakes are chocolate on the bottom, vanilla on the top, with vanilla frosting between and covering both cakes on the outside.

Snake made from Royal Icing with colours and edible blue and silver glitter... eta the apples on the cupcake stand in the background, the idea came from here. I saw what had been done with the oranges and thought it was a great way to add colour to the table, and well, a couple of apples get eaten and taken home for those who had a long travel home, so double bonus. :)

Cake bunting is cut-down-versions of the Paper Eskimo blue bunting. It comes in a pad, so I took off a few sheets of the paper in the colours that I was looking to use in the cake bunting, then made a template for the cake bunting (as shown below) and cut the main bunting down to size. The little cake bunting flags were then attached to the edge of the cake stand with double sided tape (used for card making/scrapbooking), then ribbon over the top. I've since quite easily taken the cake bunting off and will be able to use it again if I want to.

I first saw 'cake bunting' here, (then Googled and found at heap more) and thought it was a great idea to add colour to a cake/table, without having to do an involved cake. The cake itself is simple enough, but the detail of the cake bunting sets it off... it's also a nice way to 'coordinate' a theme or colours of your choosing.

Also, from the one pad, I took aside the more pastel colours and am keeping those for a smaller child's birthday next year. Which means from one pack of bunting ($9.95+post) we will get party flags/bunting x2 and cake bunting x2. I think that's pretty good value!

The flag for the top of the cake I made the same way, and the '9' for the top of the cake is made from just a number 9 printed out from the computer, cut out (I need a proper circle cutter lol) and then backed with a scalloped edge cut out (punched) made from the same bunting 'paper'.
We did make the actual party bunting to hang above the table, I just reinforced the tops of the flags with wide sticky tape as I knew it would be a windy day. With the wind, they all wanted to bunch to the middle but having learnt to bring a roll of tape in the basket to parties, I just taped them to the string and they did fine.

So a simpler cake and a different 'approach' this year... other cakes here. :)

Part 4 - Party Bags coming up...

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