Saturday, March 26, 2011

Positive procrastination

The other night while I was in the beginning of preparing for Zeke's 6th Birthday party, I decided that now was the time to sort out the wire basket cupboard in the kitchen, that was getting more and more untidy - of course. No better time to sort something than when you planned to do something else, right? I justify it because (a) I did, just, have the time to do it and (b) he more untidy it got the more you had to search and you get the idea.

Also, I decided it fit nicely with 'Project Simplify' and 'Operation June'. Bonus. & Convinced myself nicely.

This is a cupboard above our pull out pantry. It has a front door, then inside three wire baskets that pull out like drawers. Great for being able to see what's at the back and for being able to access what's at the back on a high shelf, without first having to pull all the front stuff out. If it's organised, that is.

Firstly, out came all the 'stuff' onto the bench... here's just some of it...

party things mostly that kinda had homes but not really... like this cake stand bunting - put away neatly after last time, that had a home but a lot of the other 'stuff' didn't... which meant that even though the bunting was done right, it was hard to find behind other 'stuff'...

all the cupcake papers now have a basket that I 'borrowed' from elsewhere in the house.

These all did once live in a shoebox that had the front painted to look nice but that got... reassigned to holding ribbon and gift wrapping stuff...
Also, the wire baskets were put to better use since their depth is more accesable than the flat 'go nowhere' shelf, which is more useful for stacking several of the same thing ie 4 cornflour packs, one behind the other, so all you need to see is the stuff at the front.

Here's the 'before' photo

here's the after

oh and yes, while I am one for home made, and 'from scratch', Betty Crocker cake mixes rock. They're all I use for 3D and standard cakes. Reliable, desnse enough to support the weight of frosting+ready roll icing (like wedding cake icing), but still taste great. I tried another 'popular brand' mix when it was on special and then realised how really good the Betty Crocker are!

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Shonda said...

Great job! I love the name of the post.

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