Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hooked on Sourdough

Yep.  That's it.  I'm hooked... and I didn't even know I liked it.  Always liked the idea of making the 'one dough for seven days' kinda thing but wasn't sure if I liked sourdough (and now I can't find the blog link for the 15mins a day for aritsan/sourdough).  After trying it by chance I now know I do and pretty much am not interested in buying much else.  So now I want to make my own.

sour dough with lettuce from the garden, tomato, cucumber, split green olives and Australian fetta.  Y-U-M.
This was lunch for Brooke and I.  School went back for her a day after it went back for the boys so we did a 'just us two' day, with Op Shopping, library, to the cobbler for shoe repairs, some food shopping and this delicious lunch.  yum. 

Brooke scored a sourdough roll for her lunch the next day

It does cost more, yes.  I figure though that since I am happy to reduce my portion sizes, it almost balances out (eating less of a better quality than eating more of a lesser quality) & hopefully the long term unmeasureable cost will be in terms of better health.  Since I'm not eating much bread (wheat/yeast) stuff anyway these days, I consume less again than the smaller-than-average portion size.  And, because I'm a realist and because there are still things call budgets, we don't have it all the time.  I've also discovered that the sourdough lasts longer and when it does need to be toasted it makes great toast and I really like the texture.

oh... and having always wondered what on earth I would do with an olive tree (seeing lots of people have them and they don't do anything with them and at the time I didn't like olives) I am now very much liking olives, esp the split green ones... so I said to Brooke if there's any question for Mother's Day/Birthdays, then an olive tree will do lol then I can just learn how to preserve my own olives and I will be set!

oooh and salami... yum.

Anyway, getting way ahead of myself but in terms of the sourdough, the 'starter' is the first hurdle I need to get over, so I'm reading all I can in my spare time to try and learn more... then maybe I can get started!  This was Baker's Delight sourdough, though I am told that Brumby's sourdough is GM-free (or is it the other way round?) and the other day I went to the Bakery near Mr Fresh (who sells the milk in glass and Barambah Organic Yoghurt) and bought some New Norcia sourdough.  So yeh... safe to say I am hooked.  Anyone else..?


Anonymous said...

I make my own sourdough from a starter I made using rye flour. All I will say is don't read too much. It's really not that difficult and I follow the gnowfglins no-knead sourdough recipe. I bought their e-book in a bundle but the book itself is well worth it. Sourdough pancakes, cakes, English muffins, waffles and so on. if you're interested.

Kristy said...

Great stuff, thanks for the info and for the link. I'll be sure to check that out. I have visions of a starter that needs to be coddled and then have seen people devastated when their starter dies! So I was a bit unsure, to say the least.

Cheers again :)

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