Saturday, March 02, 2013

Dairy Update - Bannister Downs and Sunnydale Milk in Glass!

It still makes me smile to think of walking into Mr Fresh at Carine and spotting the glass bottles of milk in the dairy cabinet at the end of the aisle.  I actually smiled at the time and am still smiling while typing this up!  Following on from my 'Ethical Dairy' post, I've just today bought home these...

Sunnydale in glass, and Bannister Downs in glass.  Rapt!  Actually... I was pretty impressed with Mr Fresh and with the little centre altogether. 

After admiring the fresh fruit and veg on my way to the dairy case, I picked up the milk, window shopped the other dairy, turned right and spotted an entire aisle of organic yummy stuff.  Then we went through the checkout (Quinn his usual conversational self) and as I went out of the checkout, there's a whole HEAP of organic meats, local meats, all kinds of cheeses, fresh breads and rolls, fish ... oh my.  Neat and clean and tidy and smiling friendly staff who will chat and take just a moment not just whip you through at hurricane speed.  I will definitely be back.  I will be trying the other local and organic stuff (over time) and I am rapt to have finally found fresh proper milk in glass!~

I was a bit like the 'kid in the lolly shop' - grin on my dial and my eyes lighting up each time I spotted the next local or organic thing.  It is a little treasure trove - a busy happy little community shopping 'village' if you like, not as big as a 'shopping centre' but much much better.  There is more local and organic stuff in one place than I have ever seen before and I had to restrain myself from adding more things to my basket!

I've also had a very good experience with my email query to Bannister Downs.  So all in all, I'm on the road to being happy with dairy once more.

Bannister Downs
Bannister Downs glass bottle suppliers
Bannister Downs Farming Practices


Niki Jones said...

Hey Kirsty, we live quite close to Mr Fresh, well smack bang between Mr Fresh & the the big shopping centre with both Coles & Kmart across from each other ;) you know the one. We can walk easily to both. About a 10 minute walk either way. Anywayyyy, we love Mr fresh & use it of a Sunday if we need anything. I love the newsagent, Mr Fresh & the bakery. The IGA isn't that great as often the fridge food is spoiled, I think they have a problem with their fridge space. Always without fail something is off if I buy there. We love Mr Fresh ALOT, but I feel you need to be a millionaire to shop there. But we do get our chickens there-amazing & our twice annual Fish & Chips at the fish shop at Mr Fresh they are amazing too. And CJ is addicted to that choc milk in glass bottles. Yum. Have a beautiful long weekend looks like we are in for some mild weather for a change. ENJOY.

Kristy said...

Oh yay to you that you can easily walk to both! Hey, maybe we should do the 'D' place that does tea and coffee, rather than IKEA, one time?

Thanks for heads up re IGA. And re Mr Fresh I think it will be where I go to for my items that I will not compromise on, and that other places don't stock. It's like anything in life, balance is important, so now I almost have a happy mix of places to source stuff, so I am rapt. Especially rapt to find somewhere like Mr Fresh who DOES all that amazing stuff - so that it's even an OPTION is insanely good :)

I'm also quite happy to buy better (ethical/local/quality) and use less of it, and/or compromise elsewhere, you know? So it all works out and as I'm sure you already do, you do what works for you in terms of ethics, values and budget :)

PS how's your apples gone this year?

Niki Jones said...

Hey I got your I & R around the wrong way. Yes the produce is beautiful & worth every cent. Your right, that's how I feel about the chickens, if we must buy a hot chook, it will be only from there. Also the only choc milk allowed & their fish is amazing. Their fruit & veg are divine & last WAY longer than Coles/Woolies. Hey I have been shopping at the spudshed in Wangara for quite a bit of the food shop, really cheap & mostly WA grown. A few imports with the fish & tins, but lovely fresh WA dairy, fruit, vege etc. Loving it & I am not joking on that I save about half the money I would spend at coles. I only buy the WA stuff from there but have had a very positive experience so far.
Yes on the D. When this weather cools and all the madness that has seemed to all be in first term this year, we will go for sure. Easy peasy for both of us.
On the apples not as great this year, but the mandarins, plums, passionfruit & the self seeding veg have been amazing. Lots of cherry tomatoes etc. The passionfruits were a tad tart, but it is a very young vine maybe on its second year. So hoping next season they sweeten up. Have a loaded orange tree with green fruit at the moment so looking forward to lots of orange juice this winter. Talk soon, Niki

Kristy said...

Hey Niki ta for heads up re Wangara. Haven't been there before so might check it out one time.

We go to what used to be called 'Tims Fresh'. Always good stuff, regular turnover, in season stuff is always good prices and there is a 'bargain' rack (great bananas for baking, tomato for pasta saucing etc). I refuse to buy f&v at Coles and only at WW if there's no other option.

nevermind the 'R' and 'I' - sorright ;) I'm sure I've given you an extra 'K' somewhere along the line that I didn't mean to!

So will be a nice mix of Mr Fresh, Tims, WW, Springer and Redtail Ridge, supplemented (in a small way) from our girls and garden. Bummer on your apples this year. We have just a handful on and I have no idea when the Granny's are ready coz they are green lol
yay for your citrus though and the rest - that's great :) We only have one of two passfruit vines left as the other one karked it lol

Yes to D for sure. Let me know when x

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