Friday, April 19, 2013

Bathroom Reno Installment #2 continued...

continuing on from the previous post... With the help of my good friend N this morning, we did the final filling, sanding and two coats of stain block/sealer.  Which got us to this point (see pic below) which is a far far cry from the original bathroom (scroll down further for 'original' bathroom pics)...

And then after the required time, I put the first coat of paint on!  woot woot! So just reminding myself of how far it's come, we have gone from this original bathroom:

Reno Installment #1  (basin, mirror, cupboard) from this:

to this picture below

to the last couple of weeks (on and off) work, culminated in this from today - first coat of paint on~!
Reno Installment #2 first stage

And just for fun, side by side:


To this, at this stage.  Next plan, second coat of paint and the wet area siliconing.
UPDATE: finished.  I went to bed at 3am but I got it finished *grin*.  I did all the cleaning up of brushes and roller and silicone last night so this morning, I put the print back up, put in the towels and hey, I had a shower in the 'new' bathroom!

So there's a few bits to touch up and then the bathroom gets a rest for a while, while I save up for the 3 part 'tile n tub' paint... the brown floor will just have to stay but the door trims and the door will be white eventually...we'll see what the budget says.  But hey, it's a vast improvement and I'm happy with it.  It's not perfect, not by any means but I knew it wouldn't be.  It's fresh though, and clean and makes me smile that it's something completed that will still be there tomorrow!


Lola Jones said...

Great improvement, look out reno queen in the making
good onya kriddy

Linda said...

Your bathroom looks amazing! Wow, it's wonderful to do makeovers, they are such fun.
Happy Sunday:)

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