Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our First Pinkerbelle!

After I tried picking the first Granny Smith (so tart that Brooke's face almost inverted when she tasted it) Grandad's advice (Husband's Father) was to leave the apples on the tree for as long as possible.  Having a busy schedule helped with this as I wasn't out there looking at them every day.  After the recent storms, I found one of the two Pinkerbelles left on the tree, on the ground.  I hoped this was a good sign.  Took photos of it and then cut it and... it was delicious and even smelt like a real apple!  Hooray!

the best side of the Pinkerbelle

Pinkerbelle #1 and very pleased with it.  There is one more Pinkerbelle on the tree and there is one Granny Smith on the other tree.  I am trying to be vewy vewy patient.  A good apple is worth the wait so that's what helps me!

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