Friday, February 15, 2013

Lyre is Strung, Bag is Made... It's Handover Day...

With thanks to S for giving me a refresher this morning with a few strings (and spilling some drops of blood in the process!), so I could remember how to do the strings.  Note to self: don't wait so long - next time do it right after the workshop so you don't forget!  I didn't break any (so far) and didn't stuff anything up so I think I'll tick that one off the list...  Pardon the pics - taken on my old phone so they're not the best but I was really wanting to take some.

Thorny Devil cut-out for Sound box - Zeke's choice, his Dad's design and cutting work.

So far, the groove I etched out for the brass rod seems sufficient and yay that I managed to drill most of the holes straight enough (*whew*).  Pins are in okay so it was so far so good.  Thanks to the parents who did most of the template and bulk cutting work.  After that, Zeke's Dad did the first few workshops and I did the last two after exams.  Cutting, joining, gluing, shaping, sanding...  Very satisfying work but gives you a lot of time to think, as well.

strings on... no breaks... yet.
You can just see the 'grass' that is etched into the bridge, for the thorny devil to hide in of course! 
It's all strung and ready for handover this afternoon to one excited Zeke, who wanted to know had I tuned it yet when it didn't even have strings on it at the time!

beautiful grains in the timber

lyre bag... to keep the lyre safe
 And thanks of course to the amazing lady, who also happened to very kindly make Zeke's lyre bag.
It turned out great and you know what, when you shut the 'flap', the top of the castle matches up.  Too good aren't you! This fabric I have had in the cupboard since the boys were little... I wanted to make something special with it and well, turns out it is very special and probably good that I didn't make it!  I think you've done a great job, 'Mary'!

Oh and Master Q, eventually finding something to keep busy (and out of mischief!) while Mum strings the lyre.  So, time to get some work done, study and washing, pickup some groceries and head in to lyre handover, before collecting children and coming home.  Hope you've had a decent day.

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