Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eco Toys Prize, Corn and Dough.

I can only wish that this was really the 'salt of the earth' of our household but unfortunately it's a side thing, this growing our f&v and trying to be more self-reliant stuff... something that's valuable to do, that I enjoy, but that doesn't generate near enough for our entire family and that I don't have nearly enough time or space to pursue as fully as I would like to.

Nevertheless... First cob from the corn that's in at the moment.  They're stout little corn - not long and thin cobs but rather stumpy and compact and short, and cute!  They grow quite fast and are ready quickly too, so I have to go back through the three packs of corn that I put in, and work out which one is which!

Amongst the corn, we also have one sole corn plant with variagated leaves... It will be interesting to see if that produces cobs with white and yellow kernels.

And we were lucky enough to win the Eco Toys competition so Quinn, lucky duck, has this lovely new backpack for Kindergarten.

It's quite roomy, has the chest clip, and the insulated removable bag for lunches, on the front.  It's a neat size and quite well made.  He's chuffed!

Also included in the prize was an Ecococoon Water bottle.  Thanks to Eco Toys for running the comp and for choosing our entry!

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