Saturday, December 01, 2012

Over the Grassy Bridge Go The Strings...

Well, the last lyre workshop today (previous posts here).

Started the bridge with a plank of wandoo.  Rectangle actually, apparently from old floor boards in Dalkeith.  Closest I'll ever get to having floorboards in Dalkeith!

Marked and measured.  Cut to length on the ban saw, shaped it on the belt sander and for interest I added some 'grass' complete with grass seeds (hammer and a nail to punch them) for Zeke's little thorny devil to hide in.  Tidied up the grass with files and sanded the ends and top smooth.  Waxed it.

thorny devil, meet grass

Also marked out and etched/chiselled out the groove for the little brass rod to go in.

It fits.  Relief.  After being so darn careful with the cedar, then to just make a line in it like that using the rod and a steel ruler...  Thankfully the she-oak is more forgiving and durable.  It will need to be!

fabulous outdoor workshop with bush backdrop and little critters wandering through now and then!

half of the lyres hanging up after their second oiling (of three) prior to today's last workshop

All our strings divvied up, numbered and packed away ready to go... for all that's left to do is string it and make the bag... and it will be done.  So the third lyre is almost complete!


Niki said...

Looks awesome. Do you have to travel far for that workshop. Or is it at the kiddo's school?
Hope you are keeping sane during the silly season. x

Kristy said...

Heya Niki :)

About 30 odd minutes in good traffic - which isn't too bad these days.

Doing okay, you?

Niki said...

Not too bad, been a bit grumpy. Time to just enjoy, me thinks. Love Niki

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