Friday, February 15, 2013

Lyre Handover

Earlier I posted about getting ready for Lyre Handover at school.  At the bottom of that post is the links to previous posts on the lyres - the making of them, progress pics from the workshops and so on.  Well this afternoon was Lyre Handover day.  Handmade for the children, their very own musical instrument.

All the parents (and siblings) were welcomed and then the children sang two short songs, one for Valentine's Day and another is a song they will learn to play on the lyre.  The children then gave their parents flowers, and then one by one, the parents and children met to hand over the lyres.

The lyres were laid on the desks and carefully taken out, admired and strings plucked.

The children's lovely teacher had organised for the children to make cards for their parents and then the cards and small chocolate thankyou were handed out.  Zeke said to me 'Mum, I didn't get to finish your card' and I said mate, that's no worries.  I think he was quietly impressed that this instrument in front of him had been hand-made just for him.  He chose the thorny devil as the cutout for the sound box.  Zeke also said that while he was thanking people, he had to remember to thank the lovely person who made his lyre bag.  I agreed.

As you can see, having only strung it that morning and not wanting to tighten the strings too much, they did still move a little bit.  When the lyres receive their first tune on Monday, they will be firmed right up, the strings will settle into the bridge and that's where they'll stay.

I just need to change the velcro for a button on the lyre bag and then I think we'll be set.  I feel a bit better knowing that a one-off custom made, hand made musical instrument isn't going to escape!

When we come into the classroom, you can't help but feel it's a pretty special place.  A lot of care goes into everything in there.  Natural materials, wood floors and desks, beautiful chalk work on the blackboards, handwork around the room... it is pretty special and we are very lucky to have the opportunity, I know.

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