Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plans from now to Dec 2012

People think 'it' won't happen. 'It' already has - see this post here from the Witches Kitchen.

2012 increasing Our House Sustainability - Plans.
  • more water tanks/barrels. Current: 950Litres with a view to increase
  • fruit trees. Current: 24 trees with the rest to be in by the end of the year/early next
  • fruit and veg beds: current 5 + pots, with hopefully the rest to be in by 2011/2012
  • teeth: all defects remedied. Decreasing chance for recurrence.
  • solar oven: would love to make one. Not sure if I can make one to a high enough heat/standard. Can't afford to buy one, really.
  • pizza oven: query sustainability of fueling it, where would the 'fuel' (wood) come from?
  • house heating/cooling: address the skylight in the kitchen with a view to home-modifying it to be a 'roof window' [add link]. We don't have a/c or heating, but we do have ceiling fans. Investigate other non-powered options/ways to reduce hot/cold
  • the shed: transform to a workshop instead of the confused mess that it currently is.
  • Seed System: refine my seed saving, do it more, and better organise current seeds (saved and/or purchased)
  • drainage. Issues under the patio - install the 'floor gutter' and direct run-off to be productive.
  • maintenance: gutters, patio supports, unfinished projects.
I'm sure there's more to add and I'll keep adding them. Feel free to suggest or link to what you're doing/plan to do.
There's a few things that already puzzle me. The Council does put in native plants for median strips (but few people know how to use those plants - what's potentially edible/medicinal on them) but why not fruit trees (and not just olives). As I commented on Gavin's post at The Greening of Gavin, the Council has a 100 reasons why they won't plant fruit trees in median strips - people who would throw oranges at cars currently throw bricks... so you may as well at least make it edible for those who don't throw bricks.

Anyway, so I am side-tracked again.

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Niki said...

Always a great read, Kristy. We have similar goals. Water tanks & fruit tress and making the house work for us. Our back rooms got NO light or sun in the darker months & were stifling hot in the Summer. So we have shorten the patio to let in more light & it helped with the solar panels too, & redid the the smaller roof area with panels that let in light but reduced the UV rays etc. Block out curtains will keep it cooler in the Summer & the shorter patio will let in more warmth in the Winter.
Always the cogs are turning.

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