Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When I'm older Mum...

Master Quinn (2 years old).
Sitting on the lounge together, he on my lap with is head on the arm of the lounge.
Quinn: Mummy
Me: yes Quinn
Quinn: when... when I'm bigger, when I'm older, Mummy, I'm going to make dinner for you.

Quinn on his second birthday. As of this morning, he has a short back and sides and some short curls on the top n front.

nawwwwww. lol I am thinking his comment was probably prompted by my response to Zeke with his nightly review of why he doesn't like what we're having for dinner... and my response to that is often well perhaps he would like to make dinner then. and clean up. and wash the dishes... and and and... (usually I try and make minimal comment and fuss but sometimes it does 'get to you').

But still, I was quite chuffed.
Then came part 2

Quinn: Mummy
Me: yes Quinn
Quinn: when I'm bigger... when I'm older... when I'm bigger, like Pepper Pig...
Me: [grin] like Pepper Pig? right [keep going]
He grins right back because he knows he's got me right there!

Love you little man


DenimAngel said...

Oh what a cutie. He does remind me of Elijah.

Anonymous said...

thanks Susan!

Hey, I went to pop in at 'your place' today and couldn't find it - have you moved it?

I miss seeing your beautiful boys and what you're all up to.
Hoping you're all safe, well and happy.


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