Monday, October 10, 2011

on the fruit level - suggestions for what to plant next?

So this is the list of what we have at the moment:

the mandarine tree last month -all those white dot? - all flowers and now all tiny fruit
  • Washington orange
  • Naval orange (I can't remember which is which of the oranges! lol note to self to work it out hopefully one day! one of them has new tiny fruit on it at the moment)
  • Imperial mandarines x 4 (one heavy with fruit - a few years old, and three new ones)
  • Santa Rosa plum x 3 (one new, two with tiny fruit)
  • Golf Ruby plum
  • Angel Peach (a couple of years old, a few fruit on this season)
  • Tahitian Lime (approx 3-4yrs old always gets tiny fruit but yet to have any reach full size)
  • Pommegranit (second year in, one flower this year)
  • Dwarf Mango (recently planted)
  • Dwarf Avacado (recently planted)
  • Pinkerbelle Dwarf red apples x 2
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Mulberry (completely loony and fruits when it likes)
  • Lilli Pilli (flowers and considers fruiting but then they disappear)
  • Lemonade tree (recently planted)
  • red flame grapefruit (recently planted)
  • Dwarf Pear Corella (recently planted)
  • Dwarf Pear Pretty Face (cocktail pear)(recently planted)
We're looking to put in about 7 more trees, preferably dwarf but maybe a couple of standards in there, and just trying to work out what we else to plant. I'd really like something that fruits in the middle of winter, which I am told citrus are meant to do, but our mandarine (the big one, and the only one producing at the moment) fruits either side of winter (so twice a year total). The orange is in tiny fruit mode at the moment so that won't be a winter one either. The only thing I can see in our area that's got fruit on now, is a locut, but that doesn't fruit in winter rather blossoms at the first hint of spring then comes to fruit rapidly from there.

Suggestions from Grandad and the kids have been
  • fig
  • banana
  • nectarine (prob need pollinator)
  • apricot (prob need pollinator)
  • locut (this one is definately on the list)
  • another mulberry
  • another pomegranit
  • cherry
  • some more oranges, different varieties
  • paw paw

Any suggestions would be welcomed :) Especially if you have something that grows particularly well, do tell and/OR something that fruits in the middle of winter. I suppose an alternative to that is to just plant the whole space out with raised garden beds..?

PS Niki if you're reading how's your apples going this year?


JulieG said...

I love to see someone growing so much citrus, it's my favourite fruit group! Ours seem to fruit a bit randomly too.

Whereabouts do you live? In Perth apparently avocados grow really well all year around. Otherwise I'd go for the loquats because they work well in your area, or the cherries - they're more of an early spring plant I think. But they're pretty expensive to buy and feel so special after a winter of root vegetables :)

Kristy said...

So pleased you dropped by Julie, thankyou :)

Thanks for your thoughts on what to put in. I think we'll go with locut and mulberry - not least because I know they fruit like mad and are easy as to grow. Although you're right cherries are just special!

Also I am thinking that in terms of space:produce, I might be better turning the remaining space into all vege beds? Although, the space was initially intending to include both...

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