Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am only me

I am only me. Boy does that feel helpless at times, on an earth-scale. There is so much needing doing in the world, so many wrongs to right, it's just mind blowing to try and take it all in.

I reckon there's two motivators. Money. and Love.

It takes the love for each other and the Earth, to drive consumer demand to make the companies who make the big money, change their ways.. & companies and industry will change out of love... FOR MONEY.

If we could put humans on the moon, build the Panama Canal, defeat Hitler, and rebuild Europe after WWII, why can't we unite to create a viable planetary civilization? So far, we lack not the means, but only the will and the leadership.
Matthew Stein (author of 'When Technology Fails') 'The Perfect Storm: Six Trends Converging on Collapse".

It takes the love for each other and the Earth, to drive voters to make the big changes in Government and get someone in there who isn't there for the money *ahem* (certain gas project) but is there for the RIGHT reasons.

That's what it will take.

So as a consumer, be heard.
As a voter, be heard.
And be heard louder than those who love money more than the Earth.

'Sustainable options' are no longer the options of 'radical tree swinging hippies'. They are the options of clear thinking, well informed Australians of all levels of socio-economic and educational backgrounds. It's not hard to work out there's only one Earth.
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