Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brenna's Birth Date today

Four years ago today, in the early hours of the morning, at 5.40am, after being induced the night before, a tiny little girl slipped from my body. The last time we would touch each other. My heart had wanted to hold on to her, refused to let go... and my body was listening. Despite three very painful (and heartbreaking) contractions the afternoon before I was still holding on... so the induction it was.

card from N today, thankyou xo

She was perfect. Tiny, yes. Delicate. But perfect. Little eyelids. Tiny toes. She just needed time to grow bigger and be allowed to live. Instead her heart had stopped. We never found out (medically) if there was a reason.

Still it catches me now and then to think that had Brenna not died, a little girl would have continued to grow inside me. Be born warm and alive, been inundated with love and little pink things and become just 'her'. Instead she lives in our hearts, memories and our 'what if's' and imagination.

Birthday cupcake toppers from Anna & Blue Paperie (free printable).

Happy Birthday Brenna...
Love, Mummy xo
& Daddy, Brooke, Jake, Zeke, Quinn
and our family and friends who hold you in their hearts.


Dani said...

Kristy - God has a very Special Little Angel in Heaven, who will one day be reunited with you all.

She knew she was loved, as you were.

May Brenna Rest in Peace, and may you gain solace knowing that she is beyond harm and peacefully, calmly and happily waiting until you meet again.

Take care.

Lesley said...

Our thoughts and love are with you on this day. I know that one day you will all be together again.

Niki said...

Remembering your little Brenna, as always. Much love to you & your beautiful family. Talk soon, Love Niki

dixiebelle said...

Oh my... what a sad, sad day and all the memories you go through each year. Thinking of you...

Kat said...

Thinking of you and your family Kristy, from an one old EB KA girl to another :)
I hope that on today you can feel in the whisper of the breeze on your face that Brenna is close to you and always will be.
Your sweet, sweet girl that could not stay.x

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