Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christmas making ...Yes

I know it's September but we all know Christmas comes along faster every year and all our good intentions of a 'made' Christmas gets quished into small amounts of time or get watered down and end up not quite as we had wished.

I am liking the seed cards from Ash N Juls and I like the herb card from Biome. I've decided to do my own version of those for the teachers at school. I have a minimum of five cards to do and I want to make my own paper and disperse the seeds within it (from the bumper tomato crop we got this year!).

Been checking out some links on DIY paper making and trying to remember watching one of my Mum's friends making her own paper for her wedding invitations, when I was in primary school.

So need to come up with the mesh frame/mold and the rest I can make do with. Have you ever made your own paper and how did you go? Tips, tricks, things to avoid? Post your genius in the comments section :)


Tricia said...

This is an unreal idea! I used to have a paper making kit years ago, but i'm suspecting I tossed it out during a declutter last year.

I wonder if it would be possible to take a short-cut by taking two pieces of newspaper or tissue paper, wetting them, and then placing the seeds in between them, squishing, and then drying? I might do some exerimenting. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Kristy said...

actually that would be a great shortcut!

Now I just have to argue with myself between the satisfaction and recycling of doing it from scratch, and the 'I can make many more this way' sandwich approach you suggested. LOL

maybe a middle ground..?

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