Thursday, October 06, 2011

the 'IVE' post.

Perspective - subjective and objective aka 'the IVE post'

Isn't it really about perspective? You can spend an hour watching a show about someone in the middle of the ocean, studying the rising temperature in the sea, the effects that has on the coral and the massive hole that's been eaten into the world's fisheries. About how things have to change, yesterday. About how much plastic washes up on the shores of different parts around the world, or at intersections in the ocean.

Then you can change the channel and see the latest 'reality cooking' show, wasting food... all for really nothing substantive in the end other than reputation and an(other) opportunity to make (more) money.

Then you can change the channel again and watch Formula One racing. Which has no substantive benefits to anyone, except again reputation and (excessive) money making.

Then you can log on and find the NSW Government wanting to get rid of feed-in tarrifs to support clean energy in it's state.

You can drive through certain suburbs and see no inkling of the water shortage that faces cities. Green green lawns, verges, median strips and tiny strips of yet more grass inbetween that. People are so far from reality with their pristine water-guzzling inedible gardens, and cocoon of superficial consumerism 'life'. I know, I fit in there somewhere too (hopefully not right up the top) but it blows my mind the lack of awareness, the ignorance the 'I don't care' - the 'ooh if I change over to eco light bulbs it will wreck paint colour on my wall'... you know? How the far-out can 'we' the world, get to where we need to with attitudes like that?

And even THAT is relative. For the bits that I do, there's a thousand things I don't. Some that I 'can't' and some that for whatever reason I choose not to. Yet compared to so many people in the world I am in a far 'better' position to do so. This society we live in takes us further and further away from reality every day... and the further away we get, the further away we continue to get. Until for some people they're so far away from 'real' life that they will never ever see it. They will be the ones who say 'I don't consider the environment when I purchase things because it doesn't effect my every day life'... but it does. It effects everyone's everday life and that's the point - it's not just about me, or you.

There are MASSIVE amount of technology at our fingertips that just need steering and funding in the right direction, to get us there. It doesn't have to be 'stone-age' OR 'high-tech consumerism' - there's a BRILLIANT middle ground to be found in there and one will assist the other. It's about balance and I've no idea if 'we' (as a world) will get there.

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