Friday, June 24, 2011

Stainless Steel lunchboxes Part 1 - starting out

I wanted to change over to stainless steel luncboxes. There's quite a few out there to choose from. However I am not the best person when it comes to 'visualising' measurements from the screen, even when I measure them out with a ruler, it's not the same as seeing it in-real-life.

Within a group of Mums, there was some talk of a group order for PlanetBoxes and I contacted the online shop. They were very helpful in their reply, as well as giving details of what discounts for what quantity. See the site for dimensions, FAQ, video of how it all works etc. They are a pricey box BUT I reckon they'd be pretty awesome. Almost perfect in fact.

So where are we at the moment?


For Jake's 9th birthday last year we bought him a Buffalo box from Ash n Juls. Ash n Juls have always given us GREAT customer service and Pei-Shan is always happy to answer questions. The site is well set out and contains heaps of information. We do really like the Buffalo box, although now and then it would be good to be able to divide things up without paper wrapping sandwiches etc. This would not be big enough for Brooke (11) on it's own. Funnily enough the size provides the solution to the division (I'll cover that in the reviews).

Round Stainless

We also have these Round Stainless containers (just two - the one with the inset and a smaller one) which work GREAT for Zeke (K6) and Quinn (2.5yrs) as the larger one has a little insert so I can put salads up the top and then muffin/bread underneath and use the little one for fruit salad. They're watertight which is a bonus as not many stainless boxes are. Incidentally, this is how we use them when we go camping.


So I decided that I would make some lunchbags from PUL *which doesn't come into contact with the food* rather it holds the lunchbox and ice bricks in a waterproof bag, and use the existing containers we had (Tupperware + some stainless) until I had sold off enough Tupperware to buy Planet Boxes. I chickened out doing zips and used my snap press instead. We also have various insulated lunchbags accumulated over the years but none are PVC-free as far as I know - there are some LOVELY bags out there though that are.

Lunchbots and ECO lunchboxes

Anyway... while I have sold off some of our Tupperware there's no way I can buy 4 or 5 Planetboxes. So, I've used the funds from the TW sale to buy an ECO Lunchbox 3 in 1, an ECO lunchbox oval 2pc set, a LunchBots Duo. I've also spoken with the people at Living Without Plastic (a blog and a shop) and am waiting for these to come in, the Lunchbots Trio.

That's the extent of the funds from the Tupperware sell-off lol so that will be it for a while and definately won't stretch to PlanetBoxes so if anyone wants to organise a group order and place it - go for it but unfortunately I won't be joining you all this time... not yet anyway.

Once what I've ordered has arrived and we've tested them out for a while, I will post pics and comments so there's more reviews out there. Then we'll re-review them a few months down the track and then a year later, to see how they're holding up. Personally I find it hard to 'get' what might fit in what sizes when I look lunchboxes empty on the net, which is why the bento blog is helpful.

I've also found that while some lunchboxes LOOK small IRL, they are actually quite deceptive and can fit in a fair bit of food. I prefer the ones with latches to the ones with just lids, for security, but too many latches might be harder/fiddly/lids to lose, some might be not deep enough, need compartments etc. So I bore all that in mind when choosing the above (as none was 'perfect') and will thoroughly test them out between the ages and preferences of my guys and report back.

That's my dribbling done. Please if anyone else has stainless luncbox reviews, fire away!


The Bento blog has good reviews of different lunchboxes. I spoke with her and the one I wanted to know more about, the EcoLunch 3-in-1 she hasn't reviewed yet. To check out one of her reviews, just type in the name of the lunchbox in the search box on her blog. The review should pop up then if she's done one on it.

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