Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laptop sleeve - PUL and quilt

Instead of spending $30+ on a laptop bag, I made a padded bag from scraps of quilt-wadding fabric, a cute poly PUL print (that I bought ages ago from Jodie) and snapped of course with my trusty snap press (from Alex many years ago). The laptop sleeve will fit snugly inside the Westnet 'messenger' style bag that we already have, so will be well protected but easy to access.

snaps top opening

D o n e. Zero outlay for the sleeve as I used stuff I already had (and that needs using up rather than sitting there idle and dreaming of being useful). One more thing to tick off the list. (eta that apparently you can buy a laptop sleeve for around the $9-$15mark... but I still like that I made mine... and it's a nice excuse to use the funky print for ME!)

eta the green of the elephants is actually a much fresher green but I can't get it to show up right.


Tricia said...

Using PUL is a great idea. I've been meaning to making a laptop sleeve for ages. I don't have any nice printed PUL - but might use some of the plain I have as a liner. Thanks Kristy for the idea.

Kristy said...

Sure thing. Keen to see how you go if you want to link back in here when you're done :)

I have a fair bit of printed PUL that's getting lonely if you have anything specific/favourite in mind..? I'm always up for a swap!

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