Thursday, February 04, 2010

Camping cuppa solutions.

Nanna gave us three SPC screw top plastic containers for tea, coffee and sugar and they fit very nicely in the wooden box, hinged lid, that Nanna also gave us that used to be Grandad's when he was doing the water testing... beautiful old box that we have kept (this used to be our 'tucker box').Our challenge was last camp the tea tasted funny in the plastic containers. I wanted to change to something that wouldn't matter how long they sat in the camp stuff, they wouldn't taste funny. I am following Mum and Dad's lead and having the camping things mostly packed and ready so that you only have to add the perishables and extras and you're ready - less packing, more organised and less to forget! Long story short and (thanks Monica) I found these from Ash N Juls (very pleased with product and customer service),
measured them up and hoped my measuring would hold up! And it did. Now instead of having the billy (yes, it's new the other one karked it and we have been at 'fire ban' places since so cooking on gas) plus three quite reasonable sized containers that took up their share of space - everything now fits in the billy.
First pic - everything contained in the billy.

Lid off the billy - can see the first of the containers on the top which I turned upside down for grip as the bottom is rounded. Fit awesomely in the right way up with the big container on the bottom initially but after I washed them (metal expanded?) it was a tight squeeze so doing it this way with the little one on the bottom (easy to get out) and the big one on the top upside down works really well. And there's no chance of lids coming off so it's all good.

The q will be is the quantity enough, which I think it will be generally speaking as we don't drink quite as much tea and coffee as some and if we run out well so be it.

There is a little insert that fits inside the sugar one, that I'm using for the tea bags. However if we wanted to take more sugar then omit the insert, fill with sugar and use a small sealable bag for tea bags that can slot inside the billy as well.

Here's the pic with everything out, and all lids off. The sugar one is empty as sugar is on the shopping list ;) and the bulk cupboard didn't have any (we have done LOTS of baking recently).

And all of that packs back up and fits neatly and compactly into the billy. winner.


Ruth said...

Awesome! That's perfect... I totally hate the "plasticy" taste in tea or coffee when camping. Now you just need to package these up and sell them as a set... I'm sure we would buy one!


Tricia said...

I agree - Looks like a winner!!

I'm off to check out their store now. Thanks for sharing.


monicat said...

Perfect fit!

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