Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goodies from the bathtubs

Moving on from yesterday's disheartening post - which is no less true but just you gotta move on - here's some of our lovely tomatoes from the bathtub gardens. We've been bringing some inside to ripen, roughly a day or so before they're red red. While we haven't lost any to bugs or birds, but a few to a certain toddler who shall remain nameless. *ahem* so we're preserving the harvest! They go on the cake stand with the glass covers over and the natural gases do the rest to ripen them. These ones aren't quite ready yet but not far away.

The plants are still flowering and producing new fruit and it's been lovely to not have to buy tomoatoes. It's also amazing how GOOD they taste! Somehow (by luck rather than planning) with the different amounts of sunlight each bed gets, we're getting consecutive fruits rather than one massive lot ripening in a short amount of time. Pretty stoked with that.

We've also been away for a few weeks, up North, so there's some pics to come for that as well. Hope your gardens are growing well.


Miss Cinders said...

Well done K! They look awesome! And the taste is just so yummy huh, they actually *have* taste!

Kristy said...

completely agree - they have a rather complex taste that shop ones just cannot do... and the smellllll mmm lol

we're getting 2-6 a day maybe? roughly.

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