Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simply stoked (staked?)

I know I know. It's been mostly posts on cakes and tomato plants lately... BUT... I am so so pleased with how the bath tub tomato plants have gone.

At the moment, we have 3 tubs (one full of tomato with the odd capsi, one half with tomato half salad plants, the other half half as well)... and about 50-70 fruit on it at a guesstimate + more flowers.
Heaps more... and they're ripening up in series. noice. In fact, the pictures don't even capture half of what's on the plants. It's nuts... and I'm stoked :) I'll do a 'step by step' growth series shortly.

and, so the mandarine doesn't feel left out, here 'tis. Many of the fruits have been picked already but it's a survivor this tree.

It was threatened (by DH) to be ripped out several times because it wasn't producing (and had been in the ground for about 5yrs), then it had one year with three fruit that never went full grown, then last year had quite a few green ones but little hands picked them (darnit!) and THIS year finally... they went all the way. And they taste amazing. How cool is it to be doing up lunchboxes in the morning and to say 'go pick yourself a mandarine'...

And the tomato... the taste is NUTS.

I mean, even home grown cherry tomatoes are yum but these fruit, full size tomato, whether it's because of the good setup they're in or what, they don't just taste great, but they are more complex in their taste. More 'full' in their taste - there's a real complexity of little flavours going on in that one mouthful. Sounds wierd and all wine-snobby but it's just how it is. How it should be... really.

Oh and I wasn't going to stake the plants, remember? And probably wouldn't except the neighbouring salad plants were getting swamped and okay, I admit, they probably needed it. Well they're still going up... and up... and up. I put taller stakes in last week and think I truly will need a ladder soon to pick fruit lol

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