Saturday, May 14, 2011

from two of my boys

made for me by little hands with love on Mother's Day, at Kindergarten and School.

card (the inset inside the hear is rose petals ironed between two layers of wax paper, wet on wet painting for the card), rainbow drawing on the inside

From my bigger boy, he made me felted soap on a rope for the drawers, sheets or wherever you like really. I will have a nice little collection of felted soaps to keep my drawers smelling nice, as each year the children make a certain thing depending on what class they are in, they have a specific craft/making to do.

as to what's inside the little present that came with the card, wrapped in matching rose petal paper, I am about to find out right now (it was a little felted soap, smells beautiful).

I wanted to open it with Zeke but we were not home on Mother's Day and it didn't travel with us. I really appreciate the time and the care that goes into these gifts - from the teachers who bring it all together, and the little hands and love that goes into making them.

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