Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lunchbag and bath tubs update

Zeke's new bag for Kindergarten for his lunchbox at least. It's simply to house the lunchbox and the cold pack, without any wetness going through to his school bag. Since the children's lunches are transferred to plates at the table, he doesn't eat out of it, nor does food come in contact with it, it just keeps everything all together.

It's a basic PUL fabric from Nappies Covered, with snaps from Snaps Australia. It has a square/rectangle base so it stands up and fits a lunchbox in easier than a 'no-base' bag.

And the tomato plants in the bathtub. Here's the pic taken 9 days ago of the new garden bed setup. I'm really pleased with how it's all going and just need to get organised (yes, still) to sell the cubby!

3rd April

and the 12th April

and just some 'in the tomato jungle' pics to share.

Here are the previous posts on the bath tub gardens. Looking forward to tasting these lovely-smelling tomato fruits!

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