Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jake's 9th Birthday - cupcakes and eats (pt2)

mmm cupcakes... Basic banana cake, no milk (one of the guests can't have milk. Baking cups by Paper Eskimo bought from Twiggi. I mention the names because often I read blogs and (if it's not specified what product/where from) think 'mmm wonder where you can get that item from' and then spend a while Googling until I find things by accident AND because I received good service from Twiggi - that's another thing I find useful to know when reading someone's blog - were they happy with the service they received from the place they bought from?... I was :)

Flags made using a toothpick and bunting cut to size with a basic template. The 'label' is a simple printout of the words (here it was 'banana muffins - no milk), and a scallop edge punch for the backing paper, which is again from the Paper Eskimo bunting. The bunting comes in a pad, and you string it up yourself... so I just took a few of the 'sheets' and used them for the cake bits and pieces. The banana cakes have vanilla frosting which held up quite well considering it was a reasonable day in terms of warm temp. I'd seen the Paper Eskimo Baking Cups on a few blogs and then when I spotted this layout went 'yep!' - they were just what I was looking for - something different :)

The cupcakes you can bake in straight ie you don't need a muffin liner or anything and they freestand, so you don't even need a muffin tin to put them in. I was surprised that for this recipe at least, the cupcake/muffin came out quite easily with a little jiggle. Also, they come in packs of 25 and as you can see I didn't use 3xpacks of 25 so have plenty spare for other occasions or just something special to bake at home...

also fruit kebabs using star biscuit cutters for the watermelon here and there,

popcorn in popcorn bags (took me ages to find them and was thinking for a while I'd have to make them out of paper and draw on all the stripes lol). Also we had a lovely breeze and they all wanted to blow away so they spent time underneath a reflective safety vest because that was what was close at hand at the time! lol

watermelon wedges just because they disappear so quick this time of year.

Focaccia got forgotten - the dough I didn't put on before I headed out in the morning so that was a no show. And last but most definately NOT least...
Tracey's Strawberry Sorbet
oh mmmmm lol served in little 'gelato cups'. Tracey your sorbet ROCKS - thankyou so much - it was delumptious and perfect for a warm afternoon! Melted bits at the bottom turned into the most more-ish drink... yummo! I reckon sorbet for breakfast is a super idea lol Bummer I didn't get a photo of it but it was too yummy! Thankyou Tracey!

The other thing we had on the table was the Birthday Cake and that's next... Jake's Birthday (pt 3) - the Cake

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