Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jake's 9th Birthday Party - Party Bags (pt4)

Following on from the 'Cake' post, here's the Party Bags - Jake and I put them together the night before. It's something the kids get a kick out of doing :)

The day before the party, I baked the gingerbread... cut them out using mostly spider, star, turtle and dinosaur biscuit cutters.

We did the names of the children for another party and while that worked well, it did take a while to cut out all the letters and assemble the bags :) This 'spiders' etc bisuits would work well with Jake's 'snake/bugs etc' them. mmm... must post his invites up soon too... *ahem* back on track. Biscuits on plain white paper, envloped in self seal cello bags, then a little 'thankyou' and frog to finish.

We had party bags in two colours, sherbert blue and apple green. Even though all the bags had names on them, it made it easier to do one colour for the 'listed invites' and another colour for siblings - easier to find when it was time to hand them out. All the party bags fit neatly in a big wide f&v box, so that was a bonus in terms of transporting.

There were 9 invited guests + siblings and our children total 22 children. In the bags were hand made gingerbread biscuits as above, two different mazes (found on the net and printed out),

coloured front spiral notepads, rocket ship pencil topper rubbers, pack of Smarties and some snakes (of course!) and fruit chews by Natural Confectionary Co.

the fronts were simple 'thankyou' printed off on the computer, and using a frog punch and leftover flag bunting (that I'd cut to make the cake bunting) and a stapler, attached a little coloured frog to each bag. I wasn't quite sure if it 'worked' but I think it turned out ok. It was also a good way to keep the biscuits a little fresher and 'unsquashed' :)

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