Sunday, January 03, 2010

Update on the laundry Jan 2010

The laundry history pics are:

Laundry Reorganised - zero dollar reno
beginning of the real reno
progress of the reno
where it got to

Well all that's left is the benchtop to go on across the top/above the front loader and the final tiles on the wall. Oh and if I come up with something (?) for the window otherwise that is staying as is. First pic is standing at the door looking right, second pic is just a further right version - the cupboard has the nappy bucket in it, towel for drying hands after nappy changes/washing hands.
Third pic is standing at the door looking left. Oh and the two square baskets on top of the benchtop? I had intended to have nothing on the benchtop (space for folding clothes) and will be enough when the other one goes up and there's no change mat (put change mat down the side for visitors)... anyway the two baskets - one for ODD SOCKS and the other for clothes/cloths that are only good for cleaning. The odd socks basket gets a going through once a few weeks and long lost pairs are reunited. LOL

here's the 'before' (we'd just started ripping things out)

and the after...

Behind me (as I'm taking the pic) is the other two sets of drawers for Brooke and Jake's clothes (and shelving above for sports gear, spare blankets) , behind me left is where the school bags hang, behind me right is where the hats/jackets hang. Pic of the layout is here:
  • benches for folding,
  • functional storage on the walls - all the baby clothes and nappies, a cupboard for the nappy bucket to keep little fingers out!,
  • all the school/good clothes/DH work clothes get hung in there (above that is a shelf with tubs for storage of spare/seasonal things/linen),
  • two of the children's drawers are in there (the top of that is extra horizontal space and the hanging above that), the other two are in the hall immed opposite so folding and away for the two smaller boys is easy, the others put their clothes away themselves. Above the drawers that you can see in the laundry is tubs for blankets/seasonal items.
  • The 'changetable' is in there too... plus whatever else I can't think of atm...
  • oh and no more ...interesting floor/wall tiles&paint combos LOL
  • everything was done on a minimal budget... amazing what a coat of white paint and some seconds floor tiles can do! It was a very tiny laundry and poorly laid out (and a safety hazard!) but now with more effective use of space and maximising everything, it really feels quite 'roomy'.
  • Once we're done with baby clothes and nappies in there, the fronts can go on the shelves (doors) and we'll have extra storage space. The cupboard that the nappy bucket is currently in can get changed over to drawers and used for other storage too
  • school bags (pic below) are hung on the wall just outside the laundry, the corner of the hall between the laundry and the bathroom outer wall (see diagram). There's a few hats missing atm and we have a spare hats basket because with Auskick and cricket and various other things, there's always spare hats (which isn't a bad thing at all).that's about it for now :) oh, Brooke and Jake's drawers are on the left of this pic (just out of sight).


iheartorganizing said...

Wow! It looks SO organized! Virtual high fives to you! AMAZING!


Kristy said...

Thanks Jen! :)

Catbat said...

I came in via your link in EB Large Families and just wanted to say how impressed I am. You have inspired me :) xx Cat

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