Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laundry reno - aka makin' a mess!

What else would you do to your laundry when you're almost 36 weeks pregnant lol - rip it out (Michael and the kids did the 'ripping out', I did the design and measurements/sourcing stuff etc)... well it kinda has to happen to put the new shelves in for the baby nappies and clothes... and well since it all needs doing now's the time - have to fix the wall to put the shelves in, have to do x to fix the wall so may as well do the next bit etc. Michael has made good progress. The washing machine is hooked up out the back right next to the (undercover) washing line so no hassles doing washing and just hang it right from the machine - no lugging baskets about haha!
This is the second 'makeover' the laundry has had since we've been here. the first one was to rip out the useless 'built in robe' that almost fell over when I pulled on it and replaced that with some useable hanging space, and drawers etc underneath - kinda ended up like this.

Anyway this time, on a mini (almost nil lol) budget, floor and wall tiles are going, old shelving is going, old cavity (behind old shelving) has been bricked up (s/hand/free bricks) and new taps (woot!) quite economically priced - and yeehar a BENCHTOP woot woot! LOL - and an 'offset' trough (using the existing one no cabinet tho) so you can actually use it while it's in the corner - to save on plumbing costs, we're just replacing the main tap with an 'arm' tap, so it will swing out into the 'new' offset trough... The plan is something like this (you'll need to click on the pic to make it bigger) - I'll try to take a better pic in better light later one. Between the laundry and adjacent hallway, all four drawers for the kids will be in easy 'reach' to dish out the clothes/they can put their own away, which was the main reason for the initial 'makeover' - so that everything can be sorted and put away in one room, except for kitchen and bathroom stuff. So kinda like a kitchen with benchtop, drawers, and underneath bench space for the dirty clothes sorters. Hanging space above on the non-benchtop side for school shirts etc as it currently exists.
Michael got one row in on the floor tiles before Brooke decided she'd help, and then Jake and then Zeke. So the kids lifted all the floor tiles of their own accord and Brooke now plans to mosaic a pot with them tomorrow. We'll have a couple of visiting children who will be keen as well so guess what the kids are doing tomorrow!
pics on the left are (far left) half the wall tiles removed, floor tiles almost done and the old taps still on - the old wall cavity bricked up. Next on the left is new taps on, all wall tiles removed. the next pics on the right are (centre right) the old floor tiles coming up and (far right) the laundry in it's current state - almost all wall tiles gone, floor tiles gone, new taps in and wall cavity bricked up. So all the junk is OUT yay and the plastering up of the walls begin tomorrow, as well as getting the tiles. Who would have thought white floor tiles would be rare?! 'til the next installment of 'let's rip out your laundry' - catch you next time!


Georgie said...

Sounds good, Kristy!

I'm attempting a mini-makeover of my laundry ... not ripping anything out but I've bought ANTONIUS stuff from IKEA - basically it'll be a benchtop (next to the trough and over the washing machine & extending further), fold-down hanging racks above that (for drying and for work shirts/school shirts waiting to be ironed, etc), and then a long shelf on top of that for random storage. With an aim to replace the tiles and trough at some later stage!

Anyway, I'm rambling - good luck with yours! We ripped up our main bedroom when I was about as pregnant as you are ...

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Well I didn't do a laundry makeover when 36 weeks pregnant, but I did lay kitchen floor tiles when about 8mths pregnant with William - I have no idea what I was thinking lol!!

You won't know yourself when it's finished.

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