Friday, January 23, 2009

Laundry update... only a few bits to go

Progress pics so far are below and here's a link to what we started with, and here's a link to the progress pics we took along the way.
Still, at least the nappies and baby's clothes can go up - yay and the washing machine is back inside again. nice work to the tradies (Michael) and offsiders (Brooke, Jake and Zeke) with guest appearance by the grouter (me). LOL It was done on a very budget budget - tiles on sale, the hanging thing we already had from freecycle. The sorter we've had for over ten years now. The trough we also got a good deal on.

What's left to do? The benchtop that will go from trough, over washing machine and to the wall. The tiles on the wall (splashback), the step to go on. Also the pipes for the washing machine will no longer be visible as the are getting run through the bottom of the trough (where the door is). We did have to change things a little - was initially planning to have the trough offset and an L shape benchtop from under the window, to the trough and right round above the washing machine and to the wall but things needed to be changed. We also may raise the 'hanging space' by about 10cm. For the top shelf I've got clear tubs from IKEA - that's for all the blankets/sheets/sleeping bags etc. Also need to tidy up the window a little...
We're thinking a stainless colour benchtop, or black. WDYT?

Pardon the curvy edges to the pics - I was photostitching 3-4 pics together as otherwise you only get a snippet. Contemplating whether to put doors on the shelving... or maybe hang a plain curtain (no frilly bits). Need quite continuous access to it for a while being for nappies and baby items, so maybe will leave any doors off until after that. Just looks neater with doors I think... WDYT?

Still have the storage there, those drawers are Zeke's and the Baby's, the hanging space is for the school shirts, 'good' shirts and Michael's work pants and shirts. Directly behind me in that photo is Brooke and Jake's drawers, plus updated storage on top for cricket/footy/swimming/winter jackets etc. So we still have the same storage as in the before pics, just neater and much nicer space to be in - and minus the peach paint, blue and white wall tiles and blue floor tiles!


Amanda. said...

Looks fantastic, Kristy. I really like the idea of hanging space and the drawers in the laundry, you've given me some ideas for my next DIY project. Great work!!


~MY~6~PACK~ said...

Great job,well done to you all.
You have definately inspired me as
I say go with the stainless steel bench

Kristy said...

Thanks Neen and Amanda :)
DH just starting on the wall tiles this afternoon and with Mum and Dad here, we're getting quite a bit done in a short time which is awesome :)

Stainless Neen?... noting that down LOL.

Amanda the hanging space and stuff came from the Duggar Family site lol you should see their laundry space ;) Not that I'm aiming for quite that, but if it works for them with that big a family, I think it would def work for most.

:) thanks again guys!

Kristy said...

edited to add we found some markdown benchtops in a white top with 'stainless' front edge - the markdown price meant it was our colour. A few other things have been moved around so it's time for some new photos I think :)

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