Saturday, December 19, 2009

A snapshot o' the morning

Kids just had a paddle pool. We had an icecream cone as well because in my effort to one-handed with Quinn on my hip while holding back the beanbag, get the carrots out of the freezer to go in dinner, a something ended up between the door and seal so the iceream had started to thaw so it's thickshakes this afternoon as well - like anyone is disappointed about that.
Zeke's asleep coz he chucked wobbly and I said he could rest in my room for a bit to think about what he said, and to calm down so we could talk about it. Obviously was tiredness in there with the wobbly. Quinn (10mths old and walking) has decorated the glass sliding door with a vegemite sandwich, sharing it with the clean washing in the basket ready to hang, while he was there. Brooke and Jake about to play UNO. Michael working on the car... and the bath, be it from the acid or not, has never been cleaner after it was full of vomit (plug hole blocked) so I (TMI coming) broke the chunks up and cleaned the drain, so it would empty and scrubbed it to within an inch of it's coating... so either the scruib or that acid vomit, very clean bath. Yay for some positive to come out of gastro huh (the kids and I came down with it Wed/Thur, Michael came down with it Thur arvo/Fri). As you Mums would know, there's nothing quite like cleaning up other people's vomit and poo, while holding your own down... poor kids. Zeke copped it the worst. At one stage it was like a relay in the bathroom, and Zeke did sleep in there for a while. We're all mended now thankfully, and happy to have not had that as something for Christmas. I know there's plenty who are enduring much worse health at the current time.

So that's a snapshot of the morning, kinda. Here's hoping you and yours are well and the good bugs are the only ones to come your way.

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