Friday, December 18, 2009

Bag for Brooke for Christmas

Okay so you can call it 'work smarter not harder' or you can call it 'cheating' or you can call it... 're-assigning' LOL call-it-what-you-will but here it is. I wanted to do Brooke a new bag for school, but didn't think I could quite 'do' the backpack that I originally planned. So I got a good quality calico bag (Target sell these ones, they're really sturdy) and some Hungry Caterpillar fabric and here it is, before and after. The outer pocket holds her Super Tanka that she takes to school on one side with room for other things on the right.

The pocket is calico with the Caterpillar print outer (right sides together, overlocked, straight stitched, turn right way out, topstitched). All corners have been reinforced stitched. The request was politely made, could I add backpack straps to the bag... LOL so now I have to figure that one out!

Pics below are (1) original bag (2) inner of the finished bag showing the added on pocket (3) finished bag showing the pocket that was added. So I really didn't do that much to it, just added an outer pocket ... and the Hungry Caterpillar fabric will make anything look good !

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