Monday, December 21, 2009

One done... and a few more to go + gingerbread!

Here's the (what's slowly becoming) traditional IKEA gingerbread house. This year we did it with Smarties (no artificial colours/flav) but I think next year we'll go back to M&Ms (upside down so you can't see the MMs LOL), just coz. And nope, we aint got snow here but the kids just like the icing. I managed to not burn myself big time this year with the toffee, as I have the years before! Bonus :) As you may note, it was quite warm... as the icing and the Smarties kept wanting to slide right off the roof... still tastes good though!

And one Christmas apron gift... ready to go. I have an (again) IKEA apron here, adults one, and they have run a casing for the 'string' to go through so that it makes the neck loop longer or shorter depending on your size. This is a great idea so I've made the kids aprons the same. The right side is stitched into the casing so the ribbon doesn't go anywhere, the left side is in a casing with open ends. Works really well... of course, you would need to supervise as I guess there is a chance of it tightening round a little person's neck - then again, you'd hope you'd be supervising little kids anyway, with baking.

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