Friday, September 05, 2008

On Chopping & Freezing Veges/Meals

Where to start? Right. Well in this thread and this thread, (to name just two) there were discussions about freezing veges and what you can freeze and how etc. I thought I'd put my bits all in one spot coz I keep losing where they are when someone asks for a link original.gif

Frozen chopped etc veg get frozen in one lot and are easy to just take out what you need. Meals I usually freeze an entire meal because there's not often I only want it for one of us iykwim
however, I have smaller Rock N Serves that I freeze leftovers in, which are usually single/two person portions ie for DH for work the next day for lunch, for me late night when I get the munchies lol, or if it's DS2 and I home for lunch together in the day time.

If I use a divided large Rock N Serve (rectangle container with three divisions in it) for a meal, say spag bog or stir fry, it's easy enough to remove a portion. Another way is to 'divide' your dish with Glad Back or similar if you have it.

Most of my containers are Tupperware (because that's what I have but use what you like) and inside them from the top is sliced onion. carrot, capsi, cabbage and... can't remember what the last one is. If you have say, a container with capsi, onion next to it, sliced tomato next to that etc, and a container with your perf sliced pizza meat, then...
Dinner can be as quick as pull out some frozen pita bread, spread on your tomato sauce/paste, chuck on your frozen veg and meat, chuck on some grated cheese (that you've got frozen in the freezer coz you grated the block last week) and put in the oven... Dinner done!
When I slice/chop and freeze my veg, I add them to dishes as I'm cooking, the same way you'd add any other frozen veg you might buy - add it frozen, don't defrost. With the exception of cheese (which isn't a veg I know), I don't thaw the veges to use thawed ie in salad etc, they all go from freezer straight into a dish I'm cooking and you can't tell the difference.
The vegies I do like that in a bulk lot because I've bought 10kg of onions, 5kg carrots, massive bag of capsi etc so it saves money and then chopping and freezing in one go, saves time each night (only chop once a week or less) and makes dinner prep quicker, plus you can 'keep' more vegies coz they're frozen whereas that quantity fresh in the fridge would go off iykwim.

I've had luck with most vegies totally raw - capsi, broc, cauli, carrot, celery, onion, spring onion, corn kernels, cabbage, silverbeet, sprinach, bok choy, pak choy etc and prob a heap more.

For meals in glass/pyrex/oven dishes for example lasagne, I let it defrost in the fridge, put it in the oven without preheating, then turn the temp on that way dish comes to temp slowly, and because it's defrosted the meal doesn't take so long to warm/cook through. HTH original.gif A couple of extra dishes when they're on sale or such and you're set!


missymoo84 said...

I just went and brought sooooooo much tupperware so I can get more organised! Thanks for this post, I never thought of pre cutting and freezing veg! With meat, if it's frozen then cooked can you re freeze it? or only meat cooked from fresh?

Kristy said...

heya you! So long as meat only goes once through each stage really - so is raw once, then frozen once, then raw/thawed once, then cooked, then cooked/frozen once, then cooked/frozen/thawed once... hope that makes sense! So you can cut and freeze raw meat once, cut and freeze cooked meat once. :) Have fun!

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