Friday, August 14, 2009

mmm more wooly goodness...

mmm more wooly goodness on the Nanna-needles (my Mum). How cool are these looking! And how fast too I have to say. These are in the next size up from what Mum made before/pattern so we'll see how much extra room that gives Quinn.
Also I bought Mum some 'knitting bling' aka stitch markers coz I thought it would be nice... and they arrived in the post... and Mum thought I had sent her decorations for her pot plants LOL until I rang up and told her she was a spud then it dawned on her. However, this whole 'modern' stitch marking thing might be a bit much coz they got knitted in to the knitting... hmmm so Mum said back to pieces of wool to mark the spots for now! They are very lovely though I have to say, no matter what they're used for!

I have also had the very good fortune to be successful on Tikki's blog with the giveway she posted about... now I will really have no excuse to not knit and I darn well better do a good job with it eh! Thanks Tikki for the opportunity, I am really looking forward to it and perhaps if I can think of something I can offer that people would be interested in, I may do a 'giveway' as well... any ideas on what people might like to see in a giveway (that I can actually do LOL).

Got to see a fair few people at the Expo today - those Eastern Staters who come over once a year LOL - it was great to see them again. Also good company with my friend expecting her third Bub in December... it's all very exciting! Have to say I know why I don't 'do' expos often though... but YAY to the Ergo and one happy Quinn who slept through most of it. Thassenough from me for now. Positive and productive weekends to you all. K.

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