Sunday, August 02, 2009


Boy am I excited! I asked my Mum (who's a bit of a legend in my lunchbox) if she would mind to knit some longies for Quinn. Especially in winter, longies are just THE perfect combo for nappying, doubly so at night time with a dry bum and clothes every morning. Anyhoo... she said YES! woot! (Even if she does need to have the fan on so she can stay cool enough to knit!) So with the direction of some lovely and very knowledgey knitting-Mums on NC for me on where to start on patterns etc for Mum, and using this pattern (which Mum says is really good to knit from), I got wool from Lincraft in three colours (colourways?) and Addi circular needles from The Wool Shack. I had ordered circulars from elsewhere well before Mum needed them but haven't had the best service from there hence still no needles which is why Mum is using the four needles - and the idea of 4 needles hurts my noggin just thinking about it! I placed a new order at the Wool Shack and brilliant service and the order has left already. Mum should have the needles very soon - yay!~ here are the progress pics! Mum is being very well behaved LOL and making sure her other tasks are done before she starts knitting - and considering she works away often, and has only been doing these for a few days really, I reckon she's going really well! Despite measuring, we are both just hoping that these fit Quinn as it would be such a shame if they were too small! Anyway, just sharing because I was very excited when Mum sent the pics. Oh... and this is why really I do need to learn to knit... coz if Mum can then so should I be able to. So Mum, thankyou HEAPS and you rock! xo

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