Wednesday, August 12, 2009

*singing* wooly mail wooly mail...

well how cool is my Mum *grin* LOL Mum had me thinking she was still finishing these and they turned up express post in the mail today woot woot! Considering I rarely am surprised by things this one did get me, I have to admit. They are LOVELY... click on any of the pics to make them bigger. I just need to add the elastic, and I have some buttonhole stuff that should do the job. I took far too many pics but here are just three to share. The post re what pattern and wool etc is here. Mum you are a legend - thankyou very much *grin again* we are rapt with them!~
The legs have been rolled up once on the bottom which is perfect as they should see him through winter yay! Just FYI the longies are over the top of a Bumgenius one-size.
I have a few new ones but mostly preloved ones, and they're great. Quinn is almost 8kg if that helps you work out how they are on him.

anyway now I just have to lanolise them and they'll be ready to rock over the night nappy woot woot! Longies in winter are just lovely - so nice and warm for little legs. Thanks Mum/Nanna!
ps the legs ~are~ the same length, it's just the way I had them laid out in the pic.


tikki said...

The longies look fabulous!! Well done to your Mum.

Just popped over to say congratulations, you won the competition on my blog for the patterns and knitting goodies. Can you email ( or pm me your address on NC and I'll pop your parcel in the mail. :D

Kristy said...

Thanks Tikki :) Passed on your comment to Mum...

ooh and thanks too - very surprised to have won and now there's no excuse to not knit eh ;) Thanks again, I'm very lucky to be receiving knitting goodies from you.


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