Monday, January 26, 2009

Time to update the garden posts

Thanks to Joh in this thread, who's given me a nudge to update my garden pics and info.

We have parsely, oregano, full-size tomato, three colour silverbeet, variety of lettuces, chilli, curly capsi, spring onions, chives, cucumber, corn, red and green bell capsicum, pumpkin, watermelon, rockmelon, zucchini, 2 plum trees, one Angel Peach, one apricot, locut, tahitian lime, cherry toms and medium cherry toms (heaps), strawberry, mulberry, lilli pilli, mint, tansy, lemongrass, thyme and probably a few others I can't think of!

None of this is enough to feed us all year round... yet. We are getting atm enough cherry toms to have as many as we want every second night with dinner - so maybe 2/3 cups over 2 days depending and still plenty to come. I prefer the med cherry toms to the large full size tomato. Lettuce I need to put more in so am contemplating pots. As I've said in previous posts, we prefer to not space things out, to plant randomly and to let feral plants pop up (vege ones) - this combination protects them from birds flying over, gives shade to younger/more vulnerable plants, confuses the bugs (mostly) and distributes use of good stuff in the soil more evenly.

The strawbale bed is going very well - I prefer this as a 'wall' for a garden more than anythinge else as it seems to hold the water better, keeps things cooler/warmer etc. We need to extend a few places of the garden and I'd like to do it with strawbales. Eventually the plan is to plant out the (now 'lawn dessert' ie dead lawn and leaves) front with fruit trees and veges but to do so in a way that it doesn't look like a 'vege' garden - so simply using edible plants to create the garden. I'm looking for curves in the garden as well, which is what we had out there before and I much preferred. All this of course has to come somewhat after the new retaining wall, fence, and neighbouring dividing fence... so it's a little way off yet... but it WILL come. Plus the water tanks LOL and insulation and... slowly but surely as they say!
Have a great night everyone!

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