Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yes... I am still here. Little man is apparently quite happy where he is! Has moved down quite a bit, plenty to indicate that things are speeding up in terms of getting closer so he'll of course come when he's ready. There will be a post on my blog, on the various forums, an email and/or phone call/sms/word of mouth so you'll know one way or another when things happen.

Finally got the last bits in from IKEA... Mum and Brooke have done the back room and Mum being Mum of course has re-organised and sorted and tidied in quite a few other areas as well - all those things I've been 'meaning to do' but just haven't... Michael and Dad have done some more in the laundry... it's getting closer to finished every day. Then there's been baking and kids going to the park, and the kids have had a ball just having Nan and Pop here - doing puzzles, knitting, chatting, being sillies, going places with Nan and Pop... just all the stuff they don't usually get the chance to do - even things like chopping carrots, making salad, watering the garden - all those things take on a slightly different feel when you're doing them with someone you don't usually get to to them with.

Pop and Jake and I did the grocery shopping this morning. I've almost sewn up the last of the nappies and am ticking off (slowly) bits and pieces from the various lists about... (can't believe school goes back next week!) It's been good to have Mum and Dad here, and both at the same time as well... you do get to missing people when they are so far away you know... I do hope Pop gets to hold his new grandchild before he flies back home, as he's going back before Mum is.

Well thassal from me - have a positive week!
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