Saturday, December 06, 2008

32 weeks and Plums

Righto. Here's the Little Man's abode at 32 weeks... more Braxton Hicks today and I think he's definately gotten a little lower. Not sure how much lower (will find out in a week or so at next check) and whether he'll bob back up again but definately lower. Some 'pre-milk' available. Cut out some small and medium soakers for nappies today - having gone on a NB sewing binge long ago and run out of motivation not long after that. Did the laundry plan up as well because I can't put nappies and clothes in the laundry until that's done and it's annoying me that it's not done so first things first 'the plan'. That's done... now just some confirmation required and will be on to that. While it's frustrating me that everything isn't 'done' yet I am milkdly surprised at myself because with all four other pregnancies everything was almost DONE by 12 weeks! And here I am 32 weeks and there are still things to be done...
The lovely N bought me a maternity top the other day and I finally got to try iton and guess who is too big to fit it - and it's a large - soory N! BUT I think it will be awesome post-Birth, nice and loose around the belly and a 'pretty' top to make you feel like you look good!

...and here are some of our plums, cut and just picked today. Okay so there were only four in total BUT that's because we were (almost) good and picked off the young fruit when we planted the trees, for less shock and better establishment. I was a bit naughty and left a few on each and *ahem* someone who should know better picked two green ones... so that left us with four plums total and yay they all made it! Planted corn and more lettuce today and took out the 'bug catching' pak choy which have more than served their (unintended) purpose. Forgot to post pics of our garden happenings the other day - check out our little garden friend here - go get dem aphids! Avagoodone!

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