Sunday, December 21, 2008

Belly-dweller update

34 weeks & 1 day

I'll get the next lot of belly pics probably tonight but in the meantime, an update since I haven't been online much. Must remember to update my 'before birth' (to do) list. Well I won't give the update on my last midwife visit until after the next one (which is in early Jan) - not because it's negative, it's not, it's just... annoying. I wasn't particularly happy with 'how' it went and didn't really realise that until after when I was telling Michael about it. It's all good though. One of those things and I suppose even midwives can slip up in how they speak about things.
Anyway... to the Little Belly-dweller. All is well and he's doing his thing. The uterus and the bowel have constant little tongue-poking at each other which ensures a loo visit after the Braxton Hicks (BH) and BH after the loo visit haha. This has been going on for a few weeks now so the bod is well any truly slipping into prep mode. The 'pre-milk' is in and has been for a week or so, clearing out the pipes for the good stuff *wink*

We will be 35 weeks next Saturday which means a min of 2 weeks to go ('term' birth is anywhere from 37 weeks and from 37 weeks on I can birth at the Birth Centre) right up to 42 weeks which would be 7 weeks away. So as of next week, anywhere from 2-7 weeks to go haha - can't tell I've been thinking about it - just looking forward to seeing him when the time is right - warm, alive, all squishy from being born...
Michael is bricking up the old 'shelf' (fromerly a window that the previous owner turned into shelving) in the laundry to make way for the new shelving and then I can finally put the baby nappies/clothes etc away - hooray (can you tell I've been itching to do this!). Brooke and Jake have their new drawers and soon Zeke and the Baby's drawers will be up and in as well. This is pt2 of the laundry 'reno' (on a mini-budget) so we'll see how we go.

The lovely Kirrily finished my bag - I bought a single one to replace the double that was stolen a few months ago... and lo and behold what arrived in the box but a full Day Tripper... xo Kirrily you and I both know you didn't have to and you also know how much it's appreciated and I am thankful for! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of Beautiful work as always and I have been so glad to put the calico bag aside that I was using and actually be able to find things again in my bag! *mwah*!

I keep wondering where this Baby will decide to arrive... under a gum tree over the park/side of the road, at home, at the Birth Centre, at school LOL - I'm really looking forward to it all starting (any time after 37 weeks) because it means he will finally BE here! I know along with that comes the lack of sleep and all the rest but he is so worth it.

Links that I am finding helpful/interesting - despite having had three natural labours and births (and one induced birth) already, you can never stop learning and improving where your mind is coming from - which in turn helps it work better with your body...
Ecstatic Birth - Nature's hormonal imprint for labor
Home Birth Stories of large babies
Why Choose Natural Child Birth
Natural Pain Relief
Best Birth Positions

As well there are pics from last weekend in Lancelin to add - this one is a sneak peek and is of the 'boat' Zeke and I made to float in the little 'channel stream' on the beach... The Amby is on it's way and I'm finalising all the last few bits and pieces in terms of Baby prep... oh yes and that's right, it's nearly Christmas (can you tell my focus is beyond that! haha) so just tidying up the last bits of that. Highly recommend to you the FLYlady Christmas CJ - in using this last year I had everything except the perishables ready by 1st Dec and breezed through Christmas ...

anyhoo, in case I don't catch you before then,
Best Wishes for the Season and the Brand New Year coming... xo

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