Friday, June 20, 2008

A Kirrily Creation...

Well it's the biggest thing I have ever 'treated' myself to and it's just lovely- I did briefly think about making something myself, but knew that refining the pattern would take a while, I didn't have the gear I needed and time-wise... well I am trying to NOT commit myself to any new projects until the bulk of the 'already in progress' ones are done... so I drooled over a Kirrily bag for a while and finally started just pondering about fabric... and emailed Kirrily just a few q's... and another email and before you know it... my bag was underway!
And here it is! My Plus 1 Nappy Bag Custom! (check out this page for all the features) This is one of the bags, the other bag is sitting next to it - they snap together to form one bag, with the shoulder clip clipping into both 'rings' on the bag to give extra stability. There's a matching change mat, wipes pouch and well, a tonne more as you can see in the features on the previous link. It even has little 'feet' on the bottom! I took a TONNE of photos but need to retake them, be sure I will add them when I have! I initially chose the swirl in a brown, but things work as they do and Kirrily managed to find it for me in a black - exactly what I was after!
So I am very very pleased, a place for everything, easily found and can't wait to use the 'other' side for Baby gear... also contemplating ordering an extra strap so that if we are all out and about as a family and need to go in separate directions for a little bit, one half of the bag can go with Michael and one half with me! This is something I think has been well worth the 'spending on me' my one 'treat' to myself for the year, or the century lol and I am very very pleased with it! - the stitching is fantastic, it's lined and very well made - everyone who has seen it has been impressed with the quality. Thankyou Kirrily! (Kirrily's store is Nice Knickers on OzeBaby)

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