Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas comes again...

...Best wishes for the Season from Us Mob to You & Yours...
well once again it's that time of year... how fast it's come. We have seven stockings up this year, it's our second Christmas without Brenna and our first with this new Bub on the way... The first time Zeke has really 'understood' much about what's going on, and the first Christmas with Jake and Brooke (who knew last year) both already knowing about Father Christmas... Christmas for us is about Family... being appreciative for what we have and finding special things for people in our lives. It's also about those not so fortunate and who need a hand, big or small ... in that we make choices in what we do throughout the year, not just at Christmas time.

Our answer to the kids when they queried 'the Father Christmas story' is that 'Once upon a time, there was a man who made toys for all the children... and then the world grew and grew and soon there were simply too many children for the man to make toys for all of them... so he enlisted his helpers to keep the story and the magic of Father Christmas alive for the children... and we are his helpers...' That's what I honestly think so I have no problem sharing it with them. They know they are to keep the accuracy of the general story to themselves for the sake of other children, and delight in being part of helping keep the magic alive.

Michael and the Kids did one last lot of wrapping this afternoon - they really enjoy joining in wrapping things! For Brenna this year, flower seeds to scatter and an aptly named 'Angel Peach' tree to go in... the New Bub has things for him as well, and of course each of the children have things chosen specially for them... I was very proud of my guys as I asked them to do a wish list and even though Jake never gave his to me, I did find it and one of the things he hoped for was a 'needle and thread' awwwww ... that wish has been granted and the other things on their list I was very pleased with, as they recognise the consumerism that abounds in many toys... as well as knowing what will truly be something they enjoy using.

A lovely quiet day (well maybe not so quiet) but a day for all of us at home tomorrow, just taking it easy, no rush or pressure to do or be and just enjoy 'Christmas' and being home together. Maybe some gardening, maybe some brickwork LOL maybe quite a few things but a day together sounds good to me.

Between my FLYing Through the Holidays CJ (adapted) and my Life Book diary, (I got mine from David Jones in Aus) I think we've done okay in terms of organising. I should add though that I am and have been looking beyond Christmas for a while now - towards the birth of this Bub that is!
Special hello to Mum and Dad who have travelled to spend Christmas with NanNan and Family - enjoy and return home safe! Hello to Kai - stay safe in the weather and good luck with work! xo

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