Saturday, December 20, 2008

The 'Before Birth' list...

Rather than a piece of paper, and rather than cluttering my whiteboard, this is where I'll list the items yet to buy/make/borrow, that need attending to before the New Little Boy arrives! Partly too because I'm on here often enough that I know I'll remember to check the list and it keeps me 'focused' on what needs sorting. I should probably add a 'to do' section more than anything else... hmmm

To Make:
finish the NB nappies done, OSFM nappies partly cut out, PP pads three done, nursing pads, wetbags two done, PUL nappy bucket liner/s (for 'dry-pailing') one coming in a swap, fix elastic in s/h Bumgenius one to go, boosters for the cotton nappies done, cover for the changemat that has seen better days! done (and while I'm there a new cover for the IKEA ironing board using this tutorial), finish off the current Baby cross stitch samplers...

To Borrow/Hire:
Baby bathdone, terry bath supportdone (thankyou!)

To Buy (either new/second hand/Op Shop/Swaps):
muslin wraps done , hooded bath towel/s one, 000-0 clothing (t-shirts, singlet suits, a few long pants/cardigan style jumpers, some stay-on socks have plenty of ooo, have a few 00 and a couple 0) in nuetral and gentle boy colours have Bonds winter Wondersuits JIC, size 00-0 Bonds Singlets have 000 , size 0 Wondersuits, NB & Small Thirsties covers done, NB Bummis Superbrite covers done, 4-5 medium covers done, Hand/foot casting kit, Snappis done , small Minkee covers done , pegs and two new washing basketsdone, Gaia Baby moisturiser, breastfeeding tops/singlets, new mattress for bassinet/side cardone, baby carseat done, two new (3?) maternity bras done, Bamboo prefolds/stretch bamboo prefolds - done

- side car cosleeping/Snugglebed? done
- what things to have here in case Baby decides s/he not bothering with the Birth Centre? (answered)
- do we want to try some Bumgenius - OSFM or pocket? have some to try.
will just update this as things get finished!
oh and one day... get around to making/finishing each of the Waldorf dolls for the kiddies... have begun sorting out materials/starter kit

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