Thursday, November 27, 2008

All in one week!

Well, Monday began the floor. By Wed morning the patching was dry enough to lay the floor yippee!!! By mid morning Wed the new floor was IN - couldn't put the fridge or furniture back tho until after 10am Thur... which really means Thur night since Michael doesn't get home until then and I can't move the fridge on my own! lol Before and after pics coming, just have to load them up... we did the kitchen reno ourselves (apart from the legal tradies stuff) in Dec 2006 and finally the floor is in! Here's the 'before' pic on the right and two 'after' pics on the right - same floor as in the lounge so it now 'flows through' a little more and wow the difference it makes when you walk in... of course... once the kickboards are done and we paint then it might look a little more complete (that and things will stop rolling under the cupboards!) but hey... slowly and surely we will get there and will be very pleased with the result no doubt! oh and yep... we'll be replacing the sheets of gyprock on the 'bench' above the sink with proper benchtop soon too... it just takes time and that other stuff! The drawing Brooke did for Brenna (that you can see on the benchtop in the first pic in the white frame) also now has a new home on the wall in the hallway...

Today, despite some early morning rain (which has me wishing for water tanks) the grid-solar went in - we went through Renewable Logic (which was initially on the 1500 for 1500 plan) and I have to say despite some hiccups along the way, their customer service is excellent and really, that's just as important as the product. A couple of little hmmmms? (existing meter, so not the solar people's fault at all) and it's all IN! We can see it when coming coming down the road on the way home from school and it's SUCH a good feeling! Both of those have been in the planning for many months (the solar) and years (the floor) lol and it's just sheer fortune of circumstance that meant we could do each, and both ended up happening in the same week! I'd take a pic but I am too blunt to see the solar from the ground lol and definately not ladder climbing... can see it from up the road so might try taking one from there... (will add it in when I do).

My Nanna is on the plane home tonight, looking forward to being home out the station tomorrow. We had a good time and the kids didn't want her to go home. Jake wrote a letter that went something like 'please NanNan can you stay at our house for 12 days pleeeeeeeeease' (12 days is a long time when you're seven remember!).
My bamboo prefolds from Donna at Bits for Bots came, as well as the bamboo flats. I had a couple of other parcels too and Mum sent down some Mango... mmmm one for breakfast each morning and the kids taking some to school - love the smell through the house!

Then tomorrow, Birth Centre - Zeke and I are catching the bus and train as the last of the gas conversion is being done for the vehicle. This also has been a LONG time in the making - with thanks to Bids on Gas who have been awesome to deal with. Then there's several big things happening over the weekend, and the kids are having their second-ever sleepover at Grandma and Grandads.

Whew! Then it will be Monday again!
Oh and not this week but last week - here's pics of the cake that Brooke made and Jake decorated for his Birthday (pic 1 on the left), and then the one I did for him for school (minimal sugar, no nuts, minimal egg) on the right - the fresh cherries and strawberries are 'toothpicked' into the cake as it was a warm day and otherwise they slide off, and there's the cake that he had at Grandma and Grandads, second on the left. Still to come is his cake for his Birthday party - and yes another one from the Debbie Brown books... which one will it be this time I wonder? *wink*

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Niki said...

Love it. Looks really fresh & funky. Well done.

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