Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sneak Peek.. Jake's 7th Birthday Cake

Here's a sneak peak of Jake's 7th Birthday Cake. Will tell you how it went later on this morning (it's currently after 2am). I'm not entirely pleased with it but there are bits I like including this cute little guy who I had fun making!

There are still lolly bags to sew and a few other things to do - plus swimming tomorrow as well, and fresh fruit to collect from the shop... anyway... here's one of the little Gnomes on the cake... a sneak peak - more and better pics tomorrow... :)

Also today Zeke and I made the trek via two buses and two trains to the Birth Centre as the last of the gas conversion was being done on the vehicle. We left at 9.30am and got home at 1.30pm... a good day though and Zeke couldn't have done better while we were out. All that and more... tomorrow... or maybe Sunday when I catch up on some sleep! So if I have missed answering emails from you today/yesterday that's why! Have a great one all! Kristy

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missymoo84 said...

wow that look amazing!

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